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What Can Tidepool do for our Clinic?

Tidepool is free for clinicians and all end users – people with diabetes, parents and care team members.

Tidepool supports most pumps and continuous glucose monitors and a handful of blood glucose meters. You can see a complete list of supported devices here.

Tidepool has two products for clinics, which are also available to people with diabetes (PwDs) at home:

  • Tidepool Uploader – Create new PwD accounts and upload devices.
  • Tidepool – Web portal to see data from any of your PwDs.

No. Tidepool uploads data using the standard cables you likely already have laying around.

Absolutely. Tidepool can be used by individual clinicians with their PwDs, or by the whole clinic. You should use Tidepool however it’s best for you and your PwDs.

Using your Google Chrome browser, go to tidepool.org/signup. Refer to this Getting Started Guide and visit tidepool.org/clinics/getstarted as well. If you have any questions or would like a one-on-one tutorial from a Tidepool team member, email us at support@tidepool.org. We would love to hear from you!

Tidepool places no limits on clinical use of our products. You can have unlimited clinic logins, create unlimited PwD accounts, and upload unlimited amounts of diabetes data.

Yes! Accounts for people with diabetes can be created by their clinic or at home on their own. If the account is created in the clinic, just enter the patient email address during account creation and they’ll have full access to their data at home.

Yes! If you create the PwD account in clinic, the account is shared with your clinic by default. If the PwD created their account from home, they can click “Share” in Tidepool and enter the email address associated with your clinic’s Tidepool account. Then your clinic will be able to see their data within your clinic account.

No. People with type 2 can also use Tidepool if it works for them. We do best for people with insulin pumps and CGMs, but we do support some BG meters, and we’re always adding new devices. You can find our latest list of supported devices here.

There are hundreds of BG meters approved and on the market. We are staying focused on the meters with the highest adoption to deliver the best possible solution to the most diabetic patients possible.

Who is Tidepool?

Tidepool is made by people in San Francisco and around the world who are personally affected by diabetes. We strongly believe that access to data should be easy, beautiful and free, regardless of which devices we use. You can meet our team at tidepool.org/team.

No. Unlike many medical data and device companies, Tidepool is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This allows us to focus on what’s most important for people with diabetes, their clinicians, and researchers in the space, instead of focusing on how to maximize shareholder profit. In addition to the revenue we earn by providing services for researchers, we receive additional funding from donors through tidepool.org/donate and from grant making organizations, including JDRF. Donations to Tidepool are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Tidepool generates revenue by providing our technology services, including device uploading and data hosting, to researchers. This allows us to provide our consumer products to clinicians and people living with diabetes for free.

Security & IT

Yes, Tidepool complies with all HIPAA privacy, security and breach notification regulations. Tidepool enters into Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with requesting clinics, and also has subcontractor BAAs with our underlying technology service providers (e.g., Amazon Web Services and Google).

Tidepool is an FDA registered entity. Our software is listed with the FDA under regulations 880.6310 and 862.2120 as Class I/Exempt medical devices and Medical Data Display Systems. Tidepool complies with all applicable FDA regulations including 21 CFR 820 Quality System Regulations. Class I/Exempt and MDDS software are exempt from FDA part 510(k) filing and approval requirements.

For more info, please see: FDA Registration, FDA Tidepool Uploader and Platform FDA listing, Tidepool web and mobile software FDA listing, Tidepool Quality System Index.

Tidepool’s core tenet is that people with diabetes own their data. We’ll never do anything with their data without their explicit consent. When you create a new PwD account in the clinic, we strongly encourage you to add the PwD’s email address. We’ll use it to send an invitation to the PwD to claim ownership of their free Tidepool account, which will then be shared with your clinic by default.

To use Tidepool, you must use the Google Chrome web browser. We suggest you update your Google Chrome web browser quarterly, though this is not required. You must also be able to download and install the Tidepool Uploader, which allows Tidepool to read from diabetes devices plugged into your computer.

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