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How to get started with Tidepool

We built Tidepool to change the way clinicians and patients interact with their data. Sign up now and upload data from your patients’ pumps and CGMs during their office visit, or invite your patients to upload from home.
1. Sign up for Tidepool

Create a Clinician account

Sign up now & choose 'I'm a healthcare provider.' And remember, Tidepool is free - for you and your patients - forever & always.

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2. Install the Tidepool Uploader

Get the Tidepool Uploader

Install the Tidepool Uploader.

Tidepool Uploader

3. Patient setup

Add patient

In clinic, set up your patient(s) on Tidepool. Using the Tidepool Uploader, you will create an account for each patient. This process takes 30-60 seconds per patient. Watch our step-by-step video walkthrough of adding a patient account.

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4. Dive in to Tidepool

Review patient data

Once your patient's data has been uploaded at home or in your clinic, you're ready to review! Watch our step-by step video walkthrough to learn how to use Tidepool.

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Resources for Clinicians

Download our Quick Start Guide for Clinics. See a list of devices that work with Tidepool.
How to get started and review data in Tidepool

Upcoming Live Webinars

Learn how to get started and review data in Tidepool. Register to be notified of an upcomining webinar with our team. You can also view our past webinars here.