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Dive In! Animas + Tidepool

August 4th, 2015 | Howard Look

We’re thrilled that Animas/J&J has joined Dexcom, Insulet/OmniPod, Tandem and Abbott in making data from their devices available through the Tidepool Platform. In this guest blog post, John Wilson, WW VP of Insulin Delivery at Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Solutions, shares the news. Thanks to John and everyone at Animas/J&J! — Howard

Dive In! Animas + Tidepool

John Wilson, WW Vice President of Insulin Delivery
Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Solutions Companies

Animas® pump users will be able to dive – or wade if they rather – into Tidepool!

I am thrilled to announce a new partnership between Animas and Tidepool. Our collaboration is about doing the right thing for people with diabetes by giving them control over their own pump data and the ability to choose who sees it, as well as the tools and devices they use to manage it. By assisting in opening this door to better communication between patients, caregivers, physicians, and industry, we aim to influence better care and progress for the future.

Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Solutions Companies is focused on providing support, education, and products that address the unmet needs in the diabetes community. We strongly believe that Tidepool’s open-source software will further support patients’ ability to make better, more well-informed “throughout-the-day” decisions related to diabetes management and treatment. After all, a one-size- fits-all approach rarely works in any scenario, and it certainly doesn’t work for diabetes management.

I am personally very excited about this partnership as a step forward in breaking down barriers in diabetes management and providing valuable data to fuel advancements on the horizon. The strong sense of community and passion in the DOC and broader community has truly inspired me since joining the team, and I cannot wait to see what connections we will make together next.

People living with diabetes face into the challenge every single day and they deserve to have the ability to effectively utilize data to help them manage it. I believe that collaborations like this one enable us to bring meaningful innovations to those who need them today, while we continue to work collectively towards more solutions – and ultimately a cure – for this inordinately burdensome disease.