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Insulet and Tidepool

September 16th, 2014

This is a big day for Tidepool and for the diabetes community. In addition to partnering with JDRF, we are thrilled to announce that Insulet has given us their data protocol specification, and that we are actively incorporating OmniPod support into the Tidepool Platform. The question is no longer “Which device maker will be next?” to embrace patient access to data, it’s “Which device maker will be last?” In this guest post, Raul Oliva, Director of Marketing for Insulet, lets us know why this is so important. Cheers, Howard

Insulet and Tidepool

Raul Oliva, Marketing Director at Insulet

Insulet is pleased to announce we are opening our data protocol to Tidepool to enable OmniPod users to upload their insulin pump and integrated blood glucose meter data to the Tidepool platform and future Tidepool applications. With the announcement from Dexcom regarding their agreement with Tidepool in August, users of both OmniPod insulin pumps and Dexcom continuous glucose monitors will see their data from both devices in one place in future Tidepool applications.

Every day, people with diabetes and their loved ones process tremendous amounts of data across many variables that can affect blood sugar to make so many decisions throughout the day. It can be an overwhelming under-taking that is never-ending; so overwhelming, in fact, that many people give up or choose to ignore their data, often relying on “gut” decisions.

Insulet believes that software will make critical data intuitive, actionable, and ultimately reduce the burden of managing diabetes. But, the devices are as diverse as the data; insulin pump data from the OmniPod, CGM data from Dexcom G4 Platinum, BG data from the meter, carb data from a carb app, and activity data from a wearable device, to name a few. We are excited about the first step to bring this data together in one place to provide actionable insights that will help people review their or their loved one’s data, optimize their care, and continue to make better decisions about their diabetes.

At Insulet, we are committed to making diabetes a smaller part of life; to make it easier for people living or living with someone with diabetes. We continue to innovate in the world of insulin pump technology to improve the delivery of insulin and help more patients realize the benefits of insulin pump therapy when they may have thought a pump was “too much” for them. Our hope is that through opening up our data protocol to Tidepool, we will enable others to innovate in the world of diabetes data and develop easy-to-use solutions that provide actionable insights to all people affected by diabetes.


  1. Cherise Shockley

    This is awesome news!!!

  2. I can’t wait to get my hands on the apps Tidepool is working on. Now that they have my favorite D-data providers (Insulet & Dexcom) on board, it’s just a matter of time until I can be living in a world of transparent and open D-data. Can’t come soon enough!

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