Who is Tidepool for?

People with Type 1 diabetes

We like to say “We have pancreas in the game…”

The stuff we are making is for us and for you. Up until now this data has felt like gobbledygook, but it’s actually really useful information for us to learn from and engage with. It just hasn’t been accessible in a way that makes sense in our daily lives.

Design matters for this stuff – tools to help you manage T1D should be simple and integrated into your life as you see fit. They should be elegant and intuitive. They should help you and your doctor make great decisions, then let you get back to living your life and not thinking about T1D.

We believe that you own your data, and that you should decide who, and what other applications, get access to it. Want to donate anonymized data to researchers? We make that easy. Prefer not to? That’s OK, too. Want to connect your data to your favorite diet and exercise apps? It’s all up to you.

A lot of us at Tidepool have Type 1 diabetes, too. A few of us have family members with T1D. We get it, we are dealing with the same stuff, and we are not waiting to make things easier. We’re an open source effort, so if you’d like to help us design, build, document or test our software, we’d love to hear from you.


Say goodbye to fumbling with cables and cranky software

You’re on the front lines. Your visits are short and time with your patients is precious. You shouldn’t have to fight with 8 different pieces of software for 8 different types of devices.

Blip puts all the information that you and your patients need in one place. It helps you see patterns and what’s actually going on, not just what they remember.

The Tidepool Uploader makes it easier to get data from multiple devices, even devices from different manufacturers. It means that you can easily see data from, for example, a Medtronic insulin pump and a Dexcom CGM in one place. Finally. For realz.

We’ve designed all this in collaboration with some of the best endocrinologists and clinics in the country. Our Medical Advisors are from amazing clinics like UCSF, Stanford, Barbara Davis, USC and Joslin, who have have given us incredible insight into what works. We’d love to hear from you, too. Interested? We welcome feedback on our design and usability. Please get in touch by joining our mailing list below. You’re on the front lines. Help us give you what you need.


The data you want without reinventing the wheel

The Tidepool Platform is home for diabetes data and and context, making it a powerful tool for research. So whether you’re investigating predictive algorithms, glycemic variability, or the effects of exercise on BG values, we’ll help you get the answers faster without needing to reinvent the wheel.

We’ve built a secure, HIPAA compliant, cloud-based platform that is also available as open source code. You can use our source code for free, or you can use our hosted Software as a Service. So you can focus on the research and get back to work. Please contact us if you’d like to consider using the Tidepool Platform or applications for a clinical trial or research effort.