We know that platforms make life easier. They allow data to be open and secure, code to be leveraged, and data trails to be safe and audit-able.

Tidepool is bringing the benefits of open source software to the closed, vertical and proprietary world of diabetes care. The Tidepool Platform provides the infrastructure needed for a new generation of smart diabetes apps that will help people live better lives.

Tidepool Platform

The Tidepool platform is device-agnostic and cloud-based. To encourage disruptive application development we will develop everything out in the open. The platform will use modern design patterns that minimize complexity and allow for maximum creative collaboration.

The Tidepool Platform provides:

  • Secure and authenicated patient data using well-known cryptographic techniques.
  • Integration with electronic health records, fitness apps and social networks, so patients, parents and caregivers can interact in a fun, safe, productive and ongoing way.
  • An open architecture that supports extensions for data visualization and machine learning.

For more technical information about the Tidepool Platform, please visit our developer portal. You can also sign up for our mailing list to stay up-to-date with all the latest news about the Tidepool platform.