Tidepool Clinical Study Platform

Tools to power your diabetes research

Capture CGM Endpoints

When you capture your study participants’ real-world device data, you can gain deeper insights into what’s happening during your study. Make statistics from this data, such as time in range or time above and below, part of the story in your published research and follow-on research proposals. Our software helps researchers gather, store, organize, and access their study data, so you can focus on the results.

Accelerate enrollment and visits

The Tidepool Uploader supports most commercially available insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors*, so you can enroll more people applying to participate. It’s fast to install, works on Mac or Windows, and can be used both in-clinic and at study participants’ homes.

*Tidepool supports Medtronic 523/723, 530G (with Enlite sensors), Omnipod, Tandem t:slim, t:slim G4, t:slim X2, t:flex, Animas Ping, Animas Vibe, Dexcom G4 receiver, Dexcom G5 receiver, Dexcom via iPhone.

Full list of supported devices

Your datasets are stored in the cloud

Our Clinical Study Platform keeps all your participant data stored and backed up in the cloud, so you don’t have to keep track of Excel files and data exports anymore. That’s right, if your computer crashes, your research data will be A-OK… Diabetes research, welcome to 2017!

Data access on your schedule

We make our Clinical Study Platform available to you and your research team 24/7, so you always have access to your latest study data. We don’t ever want you waiting for us.

Beautiful data

You can access participant data through Tidepool’s simple and intuitive visualizations on the web. Or, ask your statistician or developer to query the data directly from Tidepool’s cloud using our APIs. Or, both.


We’re humbled to see our software being used by our friends at the Jaeb Center for Health Research, the T1D Exchange, and dozens of academic and industry research settings across the US. Are you ready to wade in?

Get in touch

We’re always happy to talk about making Tidepool part of your next research study. Email us at research@tidepool.org and let’s set up a time to connect.