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Tidepool intends to deliver Loop as a supported, FDA-regulated mobile app in the App Store

October 8th, 2018

This blog post is a little premature. Normally at Tidepool, we prefer not to talk about something like this until it’s closer to being ready; we’re not fans of oversetting expectations and never want to contribute to “Cure in five years!” syndrome. But since we are actively expanding the Tidepool team, including some well-known folks from the DIY diabetes community, and we want to hire even more, we think it’s better to talk openly about this now.

Update #1 (11/2/2018): We’re quite thrilled to be partnering with our friends at Insulet to support Omnipod DASH in Tidepool Loop. More updates will be shared at tidepool.org/loop.

Here are the headlines:

  • Tidepool has kicked off a project to officially support Loop, the currently do-it-yourself (DIY), open source automated insulin delivery app for iPhone. Our goal is to deliver an officially supported, FDA-regulated product, broadly available via the iOS App Store. For the sake of clarity, we will call this effort “Tidepool Loop” until we announce an official name.
  • We’re working closely with grant-making organizations and commercial device makers who we expect will help with funding this effort. While the details of these funding programs are being worked out, we will keep their identities confidential (which isn’t easy for us — we like being open). To make this project happen, we will definitely need the generous support from donors, grant-making organizations and device makers. If you believe in this effort, we gratefully accept donations on our website.
  • We expect the Tidepool Loop app to be compatible with at least one, and hopefully many more commercial, in-warranty insulin pumps. We are working closely with pump vendors on their “iPump” capabilities, analogous to the “iCGM” de novo designation released by the FDA in March 2018.
  • Several members of the DIY community, including Loop project lead Pete Schwamb and online documentation and support hero Katie DiSimone have joined Tidepool full-time to help with this effort.
  • Safety, efficacy, and quality are paramount for this program. We fully understand that people will be entrusting us with their (or their children’s) lives, and we will ensure our software operates safely and securely.
  • We are partnering with the Jaeb Center for Health Research to conduct an observational study to show Loop safety and efficacy (more details on how current Loopers can participate will follow in the near future). This study has been generously funded by the Helmsley Charitable Trust.
  • As a pilot participant in the FDA Digital Health Software Precertification Pilot Program, Tidepool and the FDA are working closely together to use this project as a test case for the program, benefitting future companies and projects as we go.
  • As always, all code, designs and intellectual property that Tidepool produces will be released in the open.

This is a pretty big deal, so let’s dive right in:

As one of the earliest participants in the #WeAreNotWaiting movement, Tidepool and our employees have always been huge supporters of, and in some cases contributors to, projects like Nightscout, OpenAPS, and Loop. Nine of Tidepool’s current employees are personally using or have family members using Loop or OpenAPS.

There is no doubt in our minds that Loop and OpenAPS have transformed the conversation about what is possible when it comes to safe and effective care that also reduces the burden managing type 1 diabetes.

As much as we are fans of — and participants in — the DIY community, we also realize that there are several challenges that prevent widespread adoption of these incredible projects:

  • For most people, their only option is to buy an old, used Medtronic pump. We think that’s just not right. People should be able to use officially supported and commercially available pumps. We shouldn’t have to buy old, unsupported, out-of-warranty pumps on Craigslist, eBay, or Medwow to get great care.
  • Not everyone is comfortable building and maintaining their own DIY system.
  • Many people with diabetes are not comfortable using a system that isn’t FDA cleared or approved. And many doctors and Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs) are not willing to recommend a product to their patients that is not FDA cleared or approved. The FDA would really love for there to be an entity that takes responsibility for support and tracking of safety and efficacy, including “post-market surveillance” (the fancy term for “gathering and analyzing data to make sure a pharmaceutical drug or medical device is safe and effective after it ships”).

Tidepool has come to the conclusion that we are in a unique position to help address all of these hurdles.

Tidepool has kicked off a project to build and support an FDA-regulated version of Loop, to be available in the iOS App Store, intended to work with commercially available insulin pumps and CGMs.

What is Loop?

Loop is an automated insulin delivery app for iPhone that connects to an insulin pump and CGM using Bluetooth LE. It runs an algorithm every five minutes to adjust your basal rate for the next 30 minutes, helping you reduce or avoid high and low blood glucose. This functionality is also often called a hybrid closed loop or artificial pancreas.

Loop provides an interface to bolus from your iPhone, including for carb entries and blood glucose corrections. You can set the blood glucose targets in Loop so they best reflect your needs. Loop also provides you options to temporarily change the target for exercise or before a meal.

Loop comes with a companion Apple Watch app so you can enter carbs, bolus, and even set a temporary workout or pre-meal glucose target from your Watch. So if you have an Apple Watch, your pump and phone can stay in your pocket (or wherever you keep them).

We estimate that 1,000-1,500 people are using Loop as a do-it-yourself project today. You can read more about the open source, do-it-yourself Loop project here.

Supporting the JDRF Open Protocol Initiative and diabetes device interoperability with iCGM, iPump and iController

In August, 2017, JDRF launched the Open Protocol Initiative. The goal of this program is to help device companies over the regulatory, liability and technical hurdles of delivering products that can be interoperable, including pumps, CGMs, and controllers/algorithms.

Full, proud disclosure: We helped JDRF draft the Open Protocol Initiative, and we (Howard and Brandon, and Pete) were reviewers for some of the applications.

In March, 2018, the FDA announced a de novo iCGM (integrated CGM) designation. A de novo designation is the FDA process for creating new device classifications, in this case moving qualifying CGMs from Class-III, the highest FDA risk classification, to Class-II with Special Controls. The first CGM to get this designation is the Dexcom G6.

This was a very big deal, indicating the agency’s willingness to walk the walk in reducing regulatory hurdles for interoperable devices. In fact, with the introduction of the t:slim X2 with Basal-IQ, Tandem will be able to update the system beyond Dexcom G6 without making an additional FDA filing.

Now imagine that insulin pumps were also interchangeable based on an “iPump” designation. This kind of interoperability gives people living with diabetes more choice and speeds products to market. We support that.

But don’t stop there. Now imagine that there are different apps, or algorithms within apps, that you get to choose from, and that these “iControllers” and “iAlgorithms” would work interoperably with multiple pumps and CGMs. We support that, too.

We believe the Tidepool Loop project will lay the groundwork for all of this.

Open and transparent

Tidepool has always been, and always will be, a completely transparent organization. We’ve always felt that full transparency has the greatest positive impact on the diabetes community and industry. With Tidepool Loop, we will share everything we do openly, including all of interactions with the FDA, our quality system, our source code and our project plans. We hope that this will help other companies and projects going forward.

Redefining the software regulatory process with FDA PreCert

Historically, one of the things that slowed down traditional regulated product innovation is the regulatory process. Some of this was imposed by the FDA, and some of it was self-imposed by companies with overly burdensome processes and an aversion to trying new, more agile and iterative processes.

Tidepool is very proud of how we build software using modern, agile techniques and systems. We are also proud of how we’ve built our quality management system, and with our participation in the FDA Precertification Pilot Program, we can use Tidepool Loop as a pressure test for new regulatory evaluation processes that are being developed.

Let’s be super clear: The goal of the FDA Pre-Cert program is to come up with a better way to evaluate companies that are building regulated medical products. The program is still early and in development. Along with the other Pilot participants, we are helping to design and test the program. But the goal of the mission and goal of FDA has not changed: this program will (and must) ensure public health and safety.

With Tidepool Loop, we will continue to work closely with the FDA to help define the Pre-Cert Program in a way that benefits the entire diabetes community and broader healthcare industry.

How this all gets paid for

None of this will happen for free. While the existence of (the current DIY) Loop as an open source project has given us an incredible head start, Tidepool will be taking on official responsibility for maintaining, supporting, and continuing to develop Tidepool Loop, including receiving and reporting on adverse events, medical device reports, and complaints, as required by FDA regulations.

Initially, we expect these efforts will be generously supported by both public and private grant-making institutions, and well as by the generous support of donors to Tidepool. If you think this is a good idea too and have the ability to support our efforts with a donation, we’d be eternally grateful.

In addition, we will be entering into commercial agreements with the device makers whose devices will be supported by Tidepool Loop. While we can’t disclose the details of these agreements, these companies are planning to offer Tidepool’s Loop to their users, providing more choice in how their user community can manage their diabetes. As such, these companies are willing to compensate us for the work we do.

Over time, we believe that together with the community of Loopers, we will be able to show that using Loop is not only safer and more effective than traditional open loop therapy, but that it also improves quality of life by reducing much of the burden of managing diabetes. We believe that demonstrably improving quality of life will be impactful to health insurance payers.

Many thanks

We don’t usually like talking about things before they are nearly ready to ship. In this case we feel that there is great value to the community and industry in transparently sharing everything we do along the way. As we have more to share, you can follow along on our blog, and our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Tidepool Loop is a project built upon on the shoulders of the do-it-yourself giants in the #WeAreNotWaiting community who laid the foundation for this incredible opportunity. I encourage you to read the original vision and history of Loop, written by Nate Racklyeft, the founding developer.

We are humbled by the countless contributions of the diabetes community to make this all possible, and welcome the exciting journey ahead to bring more choice to people with diabetes. To all of you who got us this far, thank you!


Still have questions?

What devices will Tidepool Loop work with?

Insulet’s Omnipod DASH is the first commercial device announced to be compatible with Tidepool Loop when it is released. We will keep this page up to date with the latest information as new news is shared with the diabetes community.

Does this mean that the DIY version of Loop will no longer be available?
Open source projects often continue life of their own outside of officially supported versions. Tidepool will not support or maintain these projects, but others in the community may.

The Tidepool version of Loop in the App Store will be the only version that Tidepool supports and takes responsibility for. We hope that for a lot of people, the existence of an officially supported version of Loop will be an awesome alternative to the DIY version. But we also believe that some folks may wish to continue using their own DIY versions. (For what it’s worth, many of us at Tidepool use Loop, OpenAPS, Nightscout and many other DIY projects.)

Will Tidepool accept community contributions to the Tidepool Loop code?
Absolutely. While Tidepool will ultimately be responsible for code, we will definitely consider all community contributions, and will also make our code openly available.

What is the business model for Tidepool Loop?
Tidepool is engaging with several device manufacturers, and we are actively working to establish commercial agreements with them to support the work behind Tidepool Loop. After all, we think it will be good for the community and good for their business. As soon as we are able to share that information with you, we will.

How much will Tidepool Loop cost?
We are engaging with payers (health insurance providers) to establish a reimbursement pathway for Tidepool Loop. This will take some time. We don’t yet know what the pricing model for Tidepool Loop will be, but we are keenly aware that asking end users to pay for it out of pocket would be a bad idea. We’ll keep the community updated as this proceeds.

Are Pete Schwamb and Katie DiSimone really joining Tidepool?
Yes, we’re super excited. As the creator of RileyLink and lead maintainer of the DIY Loop, Pete has had an incredible impact on the community. And Katie’s stellar work on LoopDocs.org show her dedication to the community. We’re thrilled to have them both join the Tidepool team.

Does that mean that Pete and Katie will no longer be contributing to DIY efforts?
No, it does not. Many Tidepool employees contribute to open source and DIY efforts outside of their Tidepool responsibilities.

What sort of conversations have you had with the FDA about Tidepool Loop?
From Tidepool’s beginning, we believe in engaging early and often with the FDA. Our commitment to openness and transparency means we will share our meeting minutes with the FDA with the Tidepool community on tidepool.org/documents as they are approved.

I’m a software developer, customer support person, quality assurance engineer, designer, program manager… and I love Loop… Can I work at Tidepool?
We’d love to hear from you! We are indeed hiring and growing the team. Please check out tidepool.org/jobs and get in touch.

What about Tidepool Web/Uploader/Mobile?
Tidepool’s mission is to make diabetes data more accessible, meaningful, and actionable. Tidepool Loop fits into the “actionable” part nicely, but there’s still plenty of work for us to improve and iterate upon the rest of our software. That work will not stop, if anything, we expect it to pick up as we add more people to the Tidepool team (PS. Did we mention we’re hiring? Check out our jobs page for more information!)

What about Android?
We’re going to start with the iPhone version first, but we fully intend to address Android users in the future.

When, when, when?
We don’t know yet. We are just getting started. The current DIY Loop codebase is an incredible start, but it would be irresponsible and premature to predict how long it will take to do everything necessary to get a regulated version of Tidepool Loop into the App Store. We promise we will keep you updated as things progress.


  1. Love it. Can I buy stock?

    • Howard Look

      Tidepool Team |

      October 8, 2018

      Hi Ben! Nope, Tidepool is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit so there is no stock/equity to be bought. But if you’d like to support this project, we gratefully accept donations at tidepool.org/donate !

  2. Andrew D Morrow

    frickin’ AWESOME!
    We’re behind you 100%, keep up the good work and let us (the T1D community) know how we can help/advocate/support your efforts.

  3. wow, great stuff

  4. It’s a truly wonderful day in our world. Once again we make yet another dent in the universe. Thanks Howard and everyone at Tidepool.

  5. Please let me know when you’re ready to build out a sales team. I’ve been following Tidepool closely and love the work you’re doing.

  6. John Haitch

    Sounds promising, especially if you get manufacturers on board. I’d take a close look at the liability issues. The DIY Loop says right up front that this is not approved for medical treatment. Thus we users assume the risk. Your plan appears to go into uncharted waters.

  7. Barbara Johnstone

    What about those of us android users whose only reimbursement is CMS. Caught in the middle, with hypo unaware, Medtronic pump w smart guard, & have to buy Enlite sensors on fb sites that are near or already expired. Treated like second class citizens because we got sick & went on full time disability at age 50! Help us.

    • Christopher Snider

      Tidepool Team |

      October 8, 2018

      Hi Barbara. Thanks for your comment. We are keenly aware of the struggles many people with diabetes face to get access and coverage for their supplies and medication – as you may know, almost everyone on the Tidepool team is either living or caring for someone with diabetes. While it’s still early in the process, we hope to address the wide range of diabetes experiences to provide the most choice possible for the diabetes community. As we’ve worked toward this announcement, we’ve had a lot of conversations about different payment structures in place for diabetes supplies, medication, and treatment. And there will be plenty more down the road. Trust that we will be working diligently on behalf of everyone to make Tidepool Loop as accessible as possible.

  8. Steven Eidelman

    Incredible news. You guys are heroes. Thank you for pushing forward with this!

  9. Michael Brown

    I have some experience in this space (worked on prototype software for an insulin management vendor to integrate with other devices via the Continua Aliance protocol). Where do I sign up to join the team.

  10. Having been friends with Katie DiSimone and often sought Katie’s knowledge, I commend Tidepool for adding her to the team. She is brilliant and always able to help answer questions and give sound advice. She is an amazing lady and phenom at what she does! Congrats Katie!!

  11. Are there any plans for the international market? I, amongst many Loop users, do not live in the US. Will the existing open-source Loop ‘system’ continue to be supported and developed, or do you have plans to deliver Tidepool Loop internationally?

    • Howard Look

      Tidepool Team |

      October 8, 2018

      Hi David, we definitely plan to do CE marking and international, and have hired a regulatory consultant to help with that. Our initial push is going to be with the FDA/US, but we hope that CE/international can follow soon after.

  12. Cheryl M Hogan

    WOW fantastic strategy! I hope that Android and Australia get a chance to be included sooner, rather than later. Love your plan!

  13. Love this! As a Ped CDE, I’ve been ‘stalking’ the exciting developments of Nightscout and Loop for ages. More recently, I’m thrilled with my personal experiences with Tidepool. Now this is a marriage of geniuses! I am so looking forward to something I can more easily share with my patients. You guys are my heroes.

  14. Kevin Fitzpatrick


    I too am wondering why iOS is getting the development first. Here in the US, Android phones outnumber iOS phones by about 3 to 1. Worldwide, that number is about 8 to 1. My software friends tell me that it’s actually easier to write code for Android than it is for iOS — and as recent news stories demonstrated, it’s also easier for software to be added to the Google Store than for the Apple Store. From your viewpoint, why are you starting with iOS instead of Android?

    Thanks — and thank you for taking this project!


    • Howard Look

      Tidepool Team |

      October 8, 2018

      Hi Kevin! It is simply because Loop (in the current DIY form) exists today as an iOS app for iPhone. We do plan to port it to Android, but it will be much faster to start with delivering a version based on the existing code base.

  15. Have you heard of the iOS app called Spike? It’s not an App Store app however it’s amazing. Search Facebook for Spike App

    • Christopher Snider

      Tidepool Team |

      October 9, 2018

      We’re big fans of the innovation that has taken place across the #WeAreNotWaiting community. Clearly 🙂

  16. Excited!!!

    I care about that is there any possibilities for the international T1Ds,I am from China where the medi-tech is really undeveloped ,only old Medtronic pumps(722) and CGMs are available here,I get all my loop supplies from the communities from US or EU ,but I don’t want to be leave behind ……

    • Christopher Snider

      Tidepool Team |

      October 9, 2018

      We’re starting with the US and FDA approval, but we definitely plan to do CE marking and international, and have hired a regulatory consultant to help with that. As there’s more news to share about this, we will surely share it with everyone.

  17. Penny Ackerman

    Are you doing any clinical trials for this? Are you looking for any volunteers? I think my daughter would be interested.

    • Christopher Snider

      Tidepool Team |

      October 9, 2018

      Hi Penny. There is an upcoming observational study that will look at current Loop users. Recruitment should begin sometime later this year. Stay tuned!

  18. Great news! Is it to early to say which current and past pumpmodels will be supported? It would be good intel for those of us that are about to sign up for another 4 years with a pump.

    • Christopher Snider

      Tidepool Team |

      October 9, 2018

      Hi Richard. It’s still too early to share which devices will work with Tidepool Loop, but our goal with Tidepool Loop is to provide choice to the diabetes community. As soon as we are able to share that information, we will make plenty of noise about it. I promise.

  19. Private Sea

    What about privacy? Will users be able to keep all of their data on their device?

    • Christopher Snider

      Tidepool Team |

      October 9, 2018

      Hi Private Sea (I see what you did there). Privacy falls right in line with our commitment to safety. While we haven’t made any statements about the data-related interactions you will have with Tidepool Loop, we take this stuff very seriously and you can rest assured there will be clear and explicit permissions and explanations about where your data lives how you can control your data. At the end of the day, you own your data. That will not change with Tidepool Loop.

  20. Mary Rooney

    This is fantastic! Loop has been a game changer for me and I’m so grateful for the system. Having the ability to use Loop with a commercially available in-warranty pump would be like a dream come true. So glad that Tidepool is taking on this challenge!

  21. Keith Parisella


    Of course, on the one hand (on many hands actually), this sounds fantastic.

    But what will this mean for people who self-fund the app, in the US and worldwide? Any idea how this will be made affordable to all?

    Also, will this change/suspend the current process of making Loop compatible with Omnipods?


    • Christopher Snider

      Tidepool Team |

      October 9, 2018

      Hi Keith. DIY Loop will continue to exist and progress as we work to bring Tidepool Loop to the world. Any developments to DIY Loop that are released will do so independent of our own work. We will only support Tidepool Loop.

      While we haven’t made any announcements about the cost of Tidepool Loop, per the blog post above “We are engaging with payers (health insurance providers) to establish a reimbursement pathway for Tidepool Loop. This will take some time. We don’t yet know what the pricing model for Tidepool Loop will be, but *we are keenly aware that asking end users to pay for it out of pocket would be a bad idea.* We’ll keep the community updated as this proceeds.”

  22. I’m new to Tidepool. I’m lucky to have a Medicare Advantage insurance plan, and this helps with all supplies for my Medtronic 670 system EXCEPT the CGM sensors, which run me $10/day at a “discounted” price. If/When Dexcom G6 is approved by my plan as a device, I’ll try moving to that platform. Will the Loop system work with that CGM system? Any hints on where to search for more specifics on Loop?

    • Christopher Snider

      Tidepool Team |

      October 10, 2018

      Hi Rick. No news to share on specific devices just yet, but as soon as we have news to share, we won’t make it hard to find. Promise.

  23. Michele Watkins

    This is fantastic news! I’m fairly new to Loop, 6 weeks. It definitely has changed my blood sugars for the better. However, I have severe Gastroparesis with my last gastric emptying study (2005) showing me at a near flat-line rate of digestion. There has been a slight increased rate of digestion, but I still struggle with trying to match insulin with carb absorption. Prior to Loop I used the dual and square wave bolus’ frequently but starting Loop I had to shut those features off. So, I have struggled trying to find a way to manually slowly add carbs to spread out the insulin delivery/absorption. I Love the food Emoji’s, I use those as guidance and typically add 1-2 hours to that. What I really can’t predict is when my stomach has decided the food has sat too long and finds it’s way to the toilet. At that point I have no idea what has or hasn’t been absorbed. I know this might take longer to figure out how to customize Tidepool Loop for T1D with Gastroparesis. I just don’t want to have the FDA decide that Tidepool Loop isn’t for T1D with Gastroparesis because the unpredictability is too high.

    • Christopher Snider

      Tidepool Team |

      October 10, 2018

      Hi Michele. That’s a very specific use case that deserves some more conversation. I’ll be in touch so we can talk more.

  24. Marsha King

    GO TIDEPOOL GO!!! This is very exciting and those of us living with T1D are cheering for you and your work!!! Thanks for your work and we are hear to support you and looking forward to using this product! I have also followed BetaBionics for years and appreciate all they are doing. Ed Damiano has very personal reasons (1!) for pushing the iLet forward. Are you working with BetaBionics at all? It seems that you are both on similar tracks and working with AI.
    Please keep us posted!!

    • Christopher Snider

      Tidepool Team |

      October 10, 2018

      Hi Marsha. We’re big fans of the work Ed and the BetaBionics team are doing to provide another excellent option to people with diabetes. Tidepool Loop is a separate project from their work, though we both have the same goal of making diabetes management a little bit easier.

  25. Grandiose Mina

    do you think that the Dana RS has to be integrated too?

    • Christopher Snider

      Tidepool Team |

      October 15, 2018

      We haven’t made any announcements on device support yet, but as soon as we have news to share, you’ll be hearing from us!

  26. Maureen Helinski

    You do wonderful work and I am interested in the loop. I do now use the Tandem pump and the Basal IQ, which I love. It has been a life saver for me.But I can’t see these readings on Tidepool even though I did the download to the new version. My computer has been wacky not letting me open email links in Outlook. maybe that has something to do with it. Anyway keep up the good work.

    • Christopher Snider

      Tidepool Team |

      October 18, 2018

      Hi Maureen.

      Someone from our Support Team will contact you soon to look into your uploading problems.

  27. I am from China, very glad hear about this, and we develop MiaoMiao device for T1D and MiaoMiao is a device for scanning FreeStyle Libre sensor data then send the data to smartphone by Bluetooth. Is there any possibility your Tidepool Loop support MiaoMiao?

    • Christopher Snider

      Tidepool Team |

      October 18, 2018

      Hi Leo.

      Please send an email to “info at tidepool dot org” and we can talk 🙂

  28. Hey, you MUST get Adrian Tappe 😉 – He already wrote AndroidAps – it is working just with a smartphone and a pump (a dana pump) without any additional stuff. He already was a few times speaking at the D-Data Exchange.

  29. Donna Calkins

    I am curious re: how will this work when travelling by air? I had to place my iphone in airplane mode and therefor could not use my Dexcom G5 with the phone app and had to just use my reciever. I was greatfull that I could still monitor my blood sugars but I am concerned re: how the closed loop system will work.

    • Christopher Snider

      Tidepool Team |

      November 7, 2018

      Hi Donna. Great question. We’ll have documentation and training guides in place for situations like travel, but generally speaking, you should be able to re-enable bluetooth after you’ve enabled Airplane Mode and still get your Dexcom G5 Mobile App to work.

  30. Jason Hayes

    OMG. This is what I have been waiting for. I’m using AndriodAPS, but needed help setting it up. To have an iOS app which is simply downloaded and works without hours of work (in my case asking someone to help me), would mean the world. I understand the app my cost, which is fine. Please, please can you include the Dana RS Pump and Libre Freestyle Sensors (as most people in the UK, can get them on the NHS (free)) with MiaoMiao Transmitter (may be the Freestyle v2 if that is possible). Please, please do this….

    • Christopher Snider

      Tidepool Team |

      November 7, 2018

      Hi Jason.

      We’re focusing on launch in the US first, but we are talking with a number of pump and CGM companies, hopefully we’ll have good news for you down the road.

  31. Thank You!!! I was diagnosed with T1D in 1974 at age 8. I’ve been mostly lucky as regards complications, but I’ve “paid” for this disease in so so so many insidious & unpredictable ways. Just wanted to say THANKS for your efforts! You have no idea the difference such an advancement could/will make. Sincerely,
    Paige E

  32. I’d like to start to try loop, but I’m confused to try loop now or it’s better for me to wait for Tidepool Loop? Because I have some problems for buying a compatible pump. I’d like to know when Tidepool Loop would be on the market.

    • Christopher Snider

      Tidepool Team |

      November 14, 2018

      Hi Yuan. We haven’t announced Tidepool Loop’s release date, or compatible devices besides Omnipod DASH yet. As we have new news to share, you’ll be hearing from us. Our goal is for Tidepool Loop to work with a number of in-warranty pumps and CGMs, so hopefully you’ll be set regardless of the decision you make.

  33. Noreen Williams

    All I can say is WOW! Very well written; now I want to read the whole story.

  34. Taco Scargo

    Has Insulet already contributed the Omnipod Dash communication protocol?
    If so (being open), where is it located?
    If not, when are you expecting it to be contributed?
    Would love to start to work on the code integrating it into community loop …

    • Howard Look

      Tidepool Team |

      December 10, 2018

      Hi Taco, we don’t have it yet, but Insulet intends to provide us with a pre-compiled SDK that will allow Tidepool Loop to communicate securely with Omnipod DASH. We don’t expect that this SDK will be able to be released publicly due to licensing restrictions.

      We understand that it would be helpful for researchers and members of the DIY community to have access to an in-warranty, commercial pump with available communication and control protocols. We are encouraging all pump makers to consider this and will let you know if there’s progress on this front.

  35. Come on. Just plain stupid to develop first for 10% of the current market. Today Android is 88%, IOs more or less 10 % and falling.

    • Christopher Snider

      Tidepool Team |

      December 17, 2018

      Hi Tobias. Android is part of the roadmap. Considering the start that DIY Loop has on the iOS submission, it’s the logical first step for us to get to market as quickly as possible.

  36. With the JDRF call won to support this project. Will the whole project be open source (meaning including the communication with the Omnipod Dash pump?). Loop is great but I’d be curious to hear if other DIY apps could benefit from an integration with an officially supported pump (like Open APS or such).

    • Christopher Snider

      Tidepool Team |

      January 14, 2019

      Hi Clara. While Insulet intends to provide us with a pre-compiled SDK that will allow Tidepool Loop to communicate securely with Omnipod DASH, we don’t expect that this SDK will be able to be released publicly due to licensing restrictions.

      We understand that it would be helpful for researchers and members of the DIY community to have access to an in-warranty, commercial pump with available communication and control protocols. We are encouraging all pump makers to consider this and will let you know if there’s progress on this front.

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