About Tidepool

Tidepool is an open source, not-for-profit company focused on liberating data from diabetes devices, supporting researchers, and providing great, free software to people with diabetes and their care teams.

Our mission

Our mission is to make diabetes data more accessible, actionable and meaningful for people with diabetes, their care teams and researchers.

We believe that connected data leads to better decision-making. Tidepool’s free software liberates data from diabetes devices, and places it in context of the real world. Tidepool is designed to help you discover insights and bring context to your diabetes management. And, to help make your data more actionable, we allow you to share your data with anyone you choose: caregivers, clinicians, endocrinologists, friends, researchers - anyone.
Our commitment

Our commitment is, first and foremost, to the diabetes community. Many of us live with or care for someone with diabetes. You own your data, and you always will.

We are an open source platform because we want to catalyze innovation, so we make our code and designs openly available. We also believe that the healthcare industry needs more sharing and greater transparency, and being open source is one way we can make a difference.

We release all of our software under a permissive open source license (BSD2) for anyone in the community to freely modify, build upon and extend. We regularly seek opportunities to collaborate with device manufacturers, nonprofit organizations in the diabetes community, and many other committed, innovative individuals to help put our software and donated data to good use. If you’d like to help out, please get in touch.

We believe that together, our data is stronger and more meaningful. We built the Tidepool Big Data Donation Project, a repository of donated data, and the Tidepool Clinical Study Platform to inform a new generation of meaningful diabetes research. When you share your diabetes data, you’re actively helping device makers, clinicians and researchers expand the boundaries of knowledge, create new innovative products and therapies, and increase manufacturers’ and regulators’ accountability.

By providing Software as a Service for researchers and diabetes innovators, we are able to provide our software for free to those living with diabetes and their care teams. If you would like to learn more how Tidepool may work for you please contact us, and a member of our team will help you find the best solution.
Our values

The Tidepool tenets that drive us


People with diabetes own their diabetes data. Period.
It’s on us to provide you with free, intuitive, and well-designed tools to access your data, after that, you’re in complete control. If you would like to donate your data to an anonymous database, we’ll make that easy. If you’d like to share data with your doctor or a caregiver, we’ll make that easy, too. You are in control of how much meaning your data has on the rest of your diabetes world by, for example, donating your data anonymously for researchers, device makers, and innovators to use in research.


Always put people with diabetes first.
Our software is free for people impacted by diabetes and their clinicians. Forever. We have chosen to be a nonprofit organization so that we can always prioritize the needs of the people with diabetes over industry or investor priorities.

We provide services to researchers and industry in order to generate revenue so we can have the biggest impact on the most people within the diabetes community.


Operate with openness and transparency.
We value openness and transparency with our users and supporters. Our code is open source, as are our designs and even our employee handbook. You can see what we’re working on to improve the diabetes community’s relationship with their data.


Engage with regulators and help improve regulations.
We operate in a highly regulated space, including FDA (Food and Drug Administration), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and other regulations. We interpret regulations in a way that is best for the safety and efficacy of people with diabetes. We engage early and often with regulators, and work with them to embrace modern software development techniques and processes.


Start small and iterate quickly.
We believe that the best path to safety, efficacy, usability and functionality that matters is to start small and then iterate. We often deliver a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and iterate based on feedback from real users in the real world.


Embrace the unknown.
As a company, we realize that we won't have all of the answers. We believe in listening to our users and making changes based on their feedback.

It also means that we will make the underlying platform of our software available to other developers and innovators, and allow our users to access their data through other applications and services of their choice.

About the Tidepool Big Data Donation Project

The Tidepool Big Data Donation Project lets you securely and anonymously donate de-identified diabetes device data to researchers, device makers, and other innovators who deeply need it. With a repository of user donated data with more than 21 million data points, the Tidepool Big Data Donation Project empowers researchers and diabetes innovators, providing new ways of understanding and improving diabetes care.
Our team

Tidepool is made up of engineers, designers, communicators, data liberators, privacy protectors, and big dreamers. Most importantly, we are passionate diabetes advocates.