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Tidepool is changing the world for people living with Type 1 diabetes. Design and user experience is at the core everything we do. We believe that beautiful, intuitive, actionable, user-centered design leads to experiences that empower people living with diabetes.

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About Working at Tidepool

We’re a small, focused team on a mission to make software that reduces the burden living with diabetes. We are inclusive, collaborative and driven. In addition to working with great people on a great project, we also offer for full-time, U.S. employees:

  • A really amazing health benefits plan with $0 deductible. (We have to have a great plan: most of us have a personal connection to Type 1 diabetes.)
  • Flexible Spending Account matching for out-of-pocket medical expenses.
  • A 401k plan.

We’re supportive of remote work – our entire team works remotely, some internationally. And we have a flexible vacation policy. We do all of this because this is not just a job. We support the whole person and take the rest of life into account. We want the happiest and healthiest you.

If you’d like to learn more about Tidepool’s culture, please check out our openly available Employee Handbook. And of course, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

Recruiters: Thanks in advance for your offer to help us find great people. If you can help us pro bono, that would be awesome! But we’re a tiny non-profit and can’t allocate money to pay placement fees right now.

Inclusion and Diversity at Tidepool

A lot of companies say “We take diversity in hiring really seriously.” And we do, too. But it’s only a line on a website if we don’t follow it up it specific details about WHY we take diversity seriously, WHAT our current situation is, and HOW we specifically are addressing it.

We’ve encoded our stance on diversity into our openly available Tidepool Employee Handbook. One of our core values says:

Fight the default of exclusion. Inequality and exclusion are the defaults of our industries (software development and medical devices). Without intentional effort, we will inherit those failings and worsen the problem. Building a diverse team is a moral imperative and we will build a better business and product by bringing different perspectives to the table. We look for voices unlike our own because they are the only ones that help us grow.


Why Diversity is Important. A diverse team brings diverse perspectives, and diverse perspectives help us build better products and deliver on our mission more fully.

Diversity takes many forms: We are focused on building diabetes software, so certainly hiring people with a personal connection to diabetes is a big win. But people not living with diabetes also have great perspectives on building great software, building great processes and being a great company. Diversity also includes gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political and religious views, and much more. By having a broad variety of perspectives we can build better software that appeals to more people and a better company that meets the needs of the diverse population we serve.

Tidepool is a company devoted to helping the diabetes community. As a non-profit on a mission, we’ve attracted employees that represent that community. Of our current 14 full and part time employees, 8 are living with Type 1 diabetes, and 4 have children living with T1D. From that standpoint, we feel very good that we are supportive of people living with a chronic condition working here.

Unfortunately, Tidepool’s current workforce doesn’t reflect where we’d like to be in our representation of women, minorities, LGBTQ and other communities that we feel are important to our efforts. Of our 14 employees, we currently have two women, and one multiracial employee. Historically speaking, we’ve done better. And there’s much more we can do.

Recent hiring and departures have skewed our demographics, and we are committed to improving as we continue hiring. While we aren’t turning away unsolicited, inbound candidates who are qualified, we are making special effort to recruit candidates from diverse backgrounds. As such, all outbound recruiting efforts at Tidepool are currently focused on increasing the pool of diverse candidates that we consider for open positions at Tidepool.

If you have a connection to a candidates with diverse background, please encourage them to apply for one of the jobs below!

Quality Assurance Engineer

Tidepool is building software that lets people living with diabetes (and their families and doctors, too!) explore their data in rich and meaningful ways. We’re paving the path for an ecosystem of diabetes applications that reduce the burden of managing diabetes.

Tidepool is an open source, non-profit organization. Our open diabetes platform and applications are already in use by patients, researchers, and clinics across the US. You’ll be part of a highly focused, mission-driven team with an opportunity to deliver a platform that makes it easy for developers around the world to create life-changing software.

In this job, you’ll work closely with our engineering development team to write and execute tests for our software. You’ll also write documentation and processes that will become a part of a regulatory quality system.

You will be responsible for:

  • Writing and executing manual black box tests for Tidepool software.
  • Collaborating closely with the engineering team to devise and execute new tests and test strategies.
  • Diving deep when problems are found to help identify and document root causes.
  • Collaborating closely with our product, development and design teams on designing and executing our alpha and beta test programs.
  • Wherever possible, looking for new ways to automate our tests.

The ideal candidate has:

  • 2+ years experience doing black box quality assurance testing for desktop, web and mobile software.
  • Experience participating in, and better yet running, alpha and beta programs for pre-released software.
  • Experience with test automation tools like Ghost Inspector and Nightwatch.js.
  • A thorough attention to detail and willingness to be diligent in the creation and maintenance of documentation.
  • Experience with tools like Trello, Asana, Jira and Google docs
  • Experience setting up and using diabetes devices is a big plus.
  • Equally comfortable setting up and using Windows and Mac.
  • Experience with regulatory quality systems, 21 CFR 820, ISO 13485 is a big plus

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