Tidepool Uploader

Lots of devices, Mac or Windows, at home and in clinic.

Meet the New Tidepool Uploader

New! We’ve updated Tidepool Uploader to improve your Tidepool experience. Use Tidepool Uploader to liberate data from your devices. Once you’ve uploaded your data, you’re all set to view on the Tidepool app.

Devices Galore

Works with Dexcom, Medtronic, OmniPod, Tandem and more! See full device list here.

Easier to Install

Download our stand-alone app for Mac or Windows. Upload at home or at your clinic.

*NEW* Built-in Medtronic Uploading

You can now upload your Medtronic 523, 723, or 530G insulin pump data directly to Tidepool instead of importing from CareLink. Use your Bayer Contour Next Link meter as your upload device. Learn more.

Smarter Updates

We’ve built the Uploader in a way that enables us to make more regular updates to improve your Tidepool experience. Learn more.

One App, Easy Peasy

Getting started with Tidepool Uploader

After you’ve created your free Tidepool account, download the installation file compatible with your computer, follow the installation instructions, and log in.

Select your diabetes devices, plug them in and click upload to set your data free.

Supported devices


G4 and G5
Mac and Windows


Mac and Windows


t:slim, t:flex, t:slim G4 and t:slim X2
Mac and Windows


Paradigm 523 and 723, 530G and Enlite sensor
Mac and Windows


Ping and Vibe
Mac and Windows


Contour Next, Contour USB, Contour Next Link and Contour Next USB
Mac and Windows


Precision Xtra, Freestyle Lite and Freedom Lite


Mac and Windows

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