Our Team

T1D is hard to manage, we know first hand. We came from all different fields and left what we were doing to come work on this. #WeAreNotWaiting.

Howard Look

President, CEO, and Founder

Brandon Arbiter

VP, Product and Business Development

Darin Krauss

Software Engineer

Gerrit Niezen

Software Engineer

Jamie Bate

Software Engineer

Nick Riggall

Customer Operations

Chris McGee

Front-end Developer

Lennart Goedhart

Software Engineer

Eric Luhrs

Quality Assurance Engineer

Christopher Snider

Community Manager

Clint Beacock

Software Engineer

Paul Forgione

User Experience Designer

Kelly Watson

Product Designer

Lindsay McComb

Content Strategist

Kelly Dern

Design Consultant

Ed Nykaza

Data Scientist

Executive Board

Bryan Roberts, PhD

Executive Board

Saleh Adi, MD

Lead Medical Advisor, Founder

Howard Look

President, CEO, and Founder

Chuck Slaughter

Executive Board


Dr. Aaron Kowalski JDRF

Medical Advisors

Dr. Saleh Adi UCSF, Tidepool Chief Medical Advisor

Dr. Bruce Buckingham Stanford University

Gary Scheiner, MC CDE Integrated Diabetes Services

Dr. Avni Shah

Dr. Anne Peters USC

Dr. Irl Hirsch University of Washington

Dr. Jenise Wong UCSF, Founder

Dr. Aaron Neinstein UCSF, Founder